Next week…

Next week SJIIM celebrates International Week. This is something we are quite excited about as we believe it will open up the students’ minds to different cultures and countries.

The country we will be focusing on is New Zealand. New Zealand has a rich and unique culture, much of which will be brand new to the students.

We will be learning a new game called Tapuae (pronounced Ta-pu-why). It is a traditional Māori game where students need to work cooperatively to achieve a common goal. As well as this we will be looking at celebrations that occur in NZ and traditional Māori art forms. In mathematics we will be planning a journey to NZ, looking at some of the major attractions including Queenstown, Hobbiton and much more.

On Friday, the week will culminate in a day-long celebration of the different countries studied. We will venture around the Elementary school, viewing all the other classes and what they have studied during the week. We are lucky enough to have parents who have volunteered to show some things from different countries as well.

We are encouraging students to either come in the national dress of NZ or to wear the country’s colours, which are a mixture of black, white and red.

We are looking forward to seeing the students engaged in new learning during International Week.