Next Week in Year Two

Our Classwork

This week we have been working on writing a recount of the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ in literacy. In Maths, we have been focusing in on ‘Time’ and looking at o’clock and half past with the children. We have used time-related language such as ‘yesterday’, ‘today’, ‘later’ etc. Please practice time at home with your child.

In our Open Zones, we are continuing to learn about different jobs in ‘The Day in the life of..’ Our most recent stations include

  1. Be an Artist – Students learned about Van Gogh and then recreated either ‘Sunflowers’ or ‘Starry Night.’
  2. Be a Scientist – Students learned how to recreate an experiment and to list the materials needed. They also learned that gas takes up space by blowing bubbles. What they had the most fun doing was to learn how to blow bubbles within a bubble.
  3. Be a Card Designer – Students looked at different business cards, analysed them and finally designed and made up their own.
  4. Be a Sales Person – Students wrote persuasively to promote SJII to other parents and students that may be curious about our school.
  5. Be a Historian – Students compared the similarities and differences of farmers in the past and farms in present day.
  6. Be an Award Winner – Students pretended to win an award for their dream job and to write a thank you speech for winning this award. They also made a ribbon for themselves.

Next week is our first International Week at St. Joseph’s. We have been working with Year 2 on a special song for Christmas too and the children have learnt the song and accompanied it well with actions.  Next week, we will delve deeper into work around India for our International Week Country.   Remember to dress up to support our chosen country ‘India’ either by wearing the colours of the Indian flag (orange, green, white) or by wearing traditional Indian clothing on Friday, November 25th.