Week beginning 21st November 2016

Last week in Literacy lessons at school, the children have had a very busy week planning a story in groups. The children learnt that most classic stories are split up into 6 parts (Who, Where, Where Next, What Goes Wrong, Who Helps and Where Last). As a group they chose an image from envelopes labelled under each heading of a story and created a skeleton planned from the stimulus. Next week each child will create a draft story, following the story plan and then up-level their work based on a success criteria created by the class.


Last week in mathematics the class begun to learn and investigate fractions of shape. Next week we will continue to work on fractions of shape and apply their understanding of fraction to numbers and worded problems. This will be our last week working from the 2B My Pals books and we will begin to work from the 3B book.


Next week we will have a hiatus on the IPC coverage as we will be focusing on our country of choice (China) during the International Week. A gentle reminder that children have been asked to wear clothes from China or the colours of the countries flag (red and yellow).