International Week: Bollywood Dancing, Yassi Making, Henna Patterns, Artwork.

Year 2 have been so lucky this week! We have had some mums come in as well as Grandmothers, to help the children in preparation for International Week. The children have been so engrossed this week in making flags, dying rice in different colours to design and create their own Rangoli Pattern on a CD. They learnt how to make Lassi, an Indian Drink as well as having the opportunity to learn a Bollywood Dance.

Please see the recipe on how to make a Lassi Drink: year-2s-indian-fruit-lassi

In class we have set up stations around the country of India, where the children have designed Henna patterns, they have created their own artwork of a Peacock (India’s chosen Bird) as well as decorating an Elephant onto an ombre background.


Photos/videos will soon be added to the blog for you all to see!