Next week 16th-20th January 2017

We will be beginning our new IPC topic, ‘Our Earth, Our Home‘.
The children will be learning lots about our World and where we live. We will be covering theses stations over the next couple of weeks.

We wanted to make you all aware of what we will be covering in class, so that you can support your child at home in learning facts or information about these new concepts.


Our ‘stations’ will be about the:

– Life cycle of a plant, photosynthesis and the importance of plants

– Different food chains

-Identifying and knowing what a Carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, producer, consumer – matching statements to each.

-Identifying continents and countries on the World Map and relating it back to places we have been to.

-Living and non-living things and being able to name things which fit both categories.

– Looking at how to be a good pet owner and knowing how to care for different animals.

– Characteristics of insects – how many parts there are to an insects body, what they eat etc.

In Maths we will be moving onto ‘Subtraction with and without regrouping numbers’.

In English, we will be continuing to do Grammar/phonics in class alongside learning how to punctuate sentences correctly based on next week’s home learning.

Photos of this week’s learning will be posted onto the blog at a later date.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Kind Regards

Miss Murphy and Ms Ho.