Week beginning 24-26th January 2017

The children have continued to enjoy their stations this week for our new IPC topic, ‘Our Earth, Our Home’.

The children enjoyed creating ‘The World’ for our display.



In Maths this week, the children used a place value chart to support them with addition. They used different resources/manipulatives to help them to learn. They played practical games to support their fluency and problem solving in Mathematics. They also used a ten frame to help them to solve different addition equations and were able to find the inverse equations for this.


In Literacy/English, we have continued to practise punctuating different sentences. We spoke about the different types of punctuation there is and the children were able to say whether it was a sentence or not. We looked at ways of extending our sentences by adding in different conjunctions to add more detail.

Special Visitors

We also had some visitors come to visit Year Two this week to support our previous week’s Home Learning. The children were able to interview our visitors from around the school and ask them questions about their job role. They were also able to see whether they had made accurate predictions about the different people in our school and their responsibilities.



The children have been very responsible in looking after their plants in school. Each day they have watered their plants and observed the changes in the growth of their plant.  Take a look at how quickly our seeds have germinated into plants!

img_1337 img_1336

The children will be bringing home their plants this week to keep at home. Please do encourage them to continue to look after their plant and help it to continue to grow.

In our IPC stations, we are continuing to watch the habitat in which we have created for our tadpoles and discuss different ways we can help to make it even better. The children have enjoyed observing them at their different stages. They have been busy talking to one another and observing how the tadpoles have changed.


Chinese New Year Activities

In Mandarin classes as well as in class, the children have had Chinese New Year stories read to them as well as partaking in making different Chinese pictures/Art work. Please see below.

img_1342 img_1341

There will be no home learning set for the Chinese New Year holiday. Please do continue to read with your child at home.
Both myself and Ms Ho would like to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year.

Thank you all again for your continued support.

Miss Murphy and Ms Ho.