Poetry in Year 5

This week our optional English tasks included learning the beautiful poem “The Arrow and The Song” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and writing a poem in a similar style to Longfellow’s.

The students who had learned the poem recited it together to the rest of the Year Group; it was lovely to see how well they had memorised the words and how confidently they performed the poem.

Some students chose to write their own poems. Inara in 5L wrote and performed her own emotional poem “The Book and the Boy”; her poem is below.

‘The Book and The Boy’

By Inara, 5L

He pulls a book out of his rucksack,

Each page he devours just like a snack.

A special gift it was from a loved one,

Whose death and loss can’t be undone.

Hundreds of pages bound in black,

Each page he devours just like a snack.

It tells a story of love and life,

Of joyful moments and times of strife.

He relates to the story as if his own,

Learning the lessons the book has shown.

This was a way for him to remember,

His grandma’s love will last forever.