Year 4 Chinese Review

CFiL_Mr. Lim


This week in Chinese children have been completed all the texts in topic 4 and did a comprehension related to the texts (洗衣粉和水的争吵, 友谊桥 and 做灯笼). We also started to draft an essay about Chinese New Year and will continue until next week.

Children could practise their vocabulary through the link below for enhancing their learning.



CSL_Ms. Choo

This week we are still continue learning last text《新年到》(New Year)and have been reading the new text 我去学校(I am Going to School). We have learnt new vocabulary and sentence patterns, such as 开学了、真高、我坐校去学校. During the lessons, we were focusing on reading long sentences and character writing practice. We had finished words:开、了、真、高.



This week in Chinese we have been looking at the text 《今天是几月几日?》(What Date is it Today). We were focus on recognising and name the date, children learned to ask and answer questions about date and day in Chinese. They also learned to understand the words of the months of the year and the words for the day of the week.



This week in Chinese children have been learning about family members. We work on making sentences with the vocabulary that learned.