Week beginning 20.2.17

This past week Year 3 have had a focus on dialogue. Children have added dialogue to nursery rhymes and created their own comic book strips, looking at the different types of speech balloons and how the shapes portray the way a character has spoken. This then moved directly on to play script writing, looking at adding adverbs to stage directions to inform the actor. Children will continue this focus and perform their own rendition of Jack and Jill nursery rhyme to another year group.

In mathematics we have moved on to the 3a My pals book and returned to a focus on ‘number’. The 2a and 2b books were completed at a fast pace to help pupils learn to use the model theory, consolidating the method in a range of different contexts. The 3a and 3b book will be covered at a far slower pace, with all areas of learning from 2a and 2b being covered at a higher level and in more detail.

We have been enjoying Saving the World topic with focus on geography. Later in the unit their will be a strong emphasis on Science. Both the next two units this year will have a strong Science Focus. Next week children will be in the computer labs a number of times creating their own Keynote presentations about rainforest products, learning how farming of these products has directly effected the rainforest around the world. Children are gradually becoming more confident navigating around an Apple Mac and using the Google Drive to save and access their own work.

Next week mathematics homework will be sent home in the work books and each child will have their own 3a workbook that should be kept in their books. Each child will be given a slip of paper on days that mathematics homework is given, indicating which pages must be completed in the My Pals book and when it should be returned. On the subject of homework, I would like to thank parents for the time spent on the children’s play scripts this pass week. The quality of work was very impressive and the hard work at home directly influenced the quality of outcome at school.


Many thanks,