Year 1 Chinese Review

CL_Ms. Seow

This week in Chinese children have been learning about colours. We have learnt new vocabulary such as 红 red, 黄 yellow, 蓝 blue, 绿 green, 黑 black and 白 white. We also combine our knowledge of animals and colours to make phrases such as 一只黄色的小鸟 (a yellow chick). Children are encouraged to read the notes for better understanding.


CL_Ms. Choo

This week in Chinese class, children have been learning naming animals and colors. We have learnt new vocabularies such as (red), (yellow), (blue), 绿 (green), (white), (black) and 棕色 (brown). During the lessons, we were focusing on distinguishing and writing vocabularies of color. Apart from that, we also learnt to sing a song called ‘彩色的地球’. On top of that, we had a storytelling session. The books are ‘棕色的熊,棕色的熊,你在看什么’ and ‘画了一匹的画家’ .



This week in Chinese the children have continued learning about colours. We learnt to sing a song called  《彩色的地球》 and listen to the stories about colour which is 《棕色的熊,棕色的熊,你在看什么》and《画了一匹蓝色马的画家》. Apart from that, we also made a beautiful butterfly by using the folding method.It looked so great!