Year 6 Chinese Review

CFiL_Ms. Goh


Role-play is a great way for students to try out their Mandarin. This week in Chinese lesson students acted as parent and also school student council committees to conduct school open day. Most of the students love having the chance to use their language in a realistic way. After the role-play, students need to write an essay about school open day.


CSL_Mr. Lim


This week in Chinese we have completed our map and essay. Children have tried their very best to put everything they learnt in this piece of writing.  Besides that we also did a mini quiz to review our learning progress. Next week we will start a new topic related to “Money”. Children are encouraged to pre-read the content from the textbook page 52-58 before they come to the lesson.



This week in Chinese we learned to ask and respond to the questions “今天是几月几日?”(What Date Is It Today?). Children learned to say and write the calendar dates correctly in Mandarin. In one of the oral activities, children learned to conduct a survey to tell each other their birthdays and written the dates in Chinese characters. Children could practise their vocabulary and enhance their learning through the link below: