Celebrating World Book Day

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made such an effort in making their costumes and dressing up for World Book Day. We were blown away by how much effort had gone into preparing your costumes.

The day started off well with our assembly. A huge thank you again to the Drama Group for their performances.  A special mention goes to: Aaron Saunders, Chai Chen Yi, Danhee Cho, Elisa Tham, Jeremy Yong, Maya, Siddhartha, Zhra, Adam Muhriz, Adeline, Alia, Gan Ru, Isabel, John Lee, Ken Liang, Kotaro Hoshi, Lai Tjun Eu, Ethan, Jamie, Janice, Justine, Kaelyn, Mia and Chloe. You all had worked incredibly hard on performing the different versions of Little Red Riding Hood. You spoke so clearly and performed it well. Thank you as well to Mrs Pardo. In addition, we would like to thank Mr Higgins and Mr Bowden for the lightning and sounds in the background and to all the staff at Joseph’s for all the work you have put into creating with the children the book displays around the school for World Book Day. What an amazing day we all had!

The children had a busy day filled with touring different classrooms to look at book displays as well as being given the opportunity to be paired up with children from a different year group to be read to. The afternoons were then spent with the children doing activities related to word searches, illustrating their own book covers etc.

Here are some photos from today. More to follow soon.

img_1773 img_1770 img_1767 img_1766 img_1765 img_1763 img_1761 img_1760 img_1758 img_1751 img_1700 img_1699

We have received so many donated books from everyone! We are happy to announce that we will be giving a range of books to help different organisations who are less fortunate than ourselves. You have all helped to heighten the profile of reading and support them.

Thank you again!