Year 1 3/3/17

This week we have launched our A to B topic. We will be learning all about different modes of transport. This week , the children have taken on different roles (pilot, check in staff, cabin crew and passengers) and taken a journey on a plane to Singapore! The children have had a lot of fun!

The children have thought carefully about the type of transport that is needed to travel to different places, including  to a Space Station.  The children designed and made their own rockets which they really enjoyed.

Next week we will be beginning our new stations:


  • The children will be creating simple algorithms to solve problems and learning about the importance of safety online.

In History:

  • The children will be creating a timeline of how transport has changed throughout the ages.

In Science:

  • The children will be creating boats and planes to take on different challenges.

In Society:

  • The children will be learning about road safety.

In Art:

  • The children will be looking at and evaluating artwork depicting the movement of transport and then creating their own.

In Geography:

  • The children will be creating a map of the school including features such as a key with symbols.