Year 1 Chinese Review

CL_Ms. Seow

This week in Chinese children have been continue learning about animals and colours. The book we read this week is《画了一匹蓝马的画家》, children get to enhance their knowledge about colours and animals that we are learning. We also have Xiao Li to tell us the story《小兔和小狗》on World Book Day, that is a great start and we will be having more storytelling session by children from now on. Children are encouraged to read their notes to enhance their knowledge on this topic.


CL_Ms. Choo

This week we still continue learning naming animals and colors in Chinese class. We have learnt vocabularies such as (red), (yellow), (blue), 绿 (green), (white), (black) and 棕色 (brown). During the lessons, we were focusing on distinguishing and writing vocabularies of color. Students can combine their knowledge of animals with colors. Apart from that, we also sang a song called ‘彩色的地球’. On top of that, we had a story telling session, the books are ‘棕色的熊,棕色的熊,你在看什么’ and ‘一只很饿的蛇’.



This week in Chinese the children have been learning a new topic 《书包里有什么?》(What is in the school bag?). We have learnt new vocabulary such as 书包(school bag),书(book),纸(paper),铅笔(pencil),橡皮(eraser),本子(notepad) and 剪刀(scissors). At the end of the text a black cat came out of the bag 还有黑色的猫 and the children thought this was very funny. We also had a storytelling session on World Book Day. The title of the story is 《晚安,大猩猩》and《从头动到脚》.