Year 2 Chinese Review

CL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin children continued to looking at the text 《买东西》(Go Shopping). We were focus on the constructing the sentences. We did some games about rearrange the short phrases into correct sentences and rearrange the sentences into a short text. Besides that, we also listen to some stories such as  《画了一匹蓝马的画家》and 《爬呀爬呀爬》during the world book day.



MFL_Ms. Seow

This week in Chinese children have been continue learning about Lesson 6 《我爱我的家》and making short sentences. On World Book Day we get to explore chinese story books in the library, children are amazed to find that they able to read some of the texts in chinese books. Besides that we also listen to《画了一匹蓝马的画家》and《爬呀爬呀爬》.



This week in Chinese the children have continued to look at the text 《我爱我的家》(I Love My Family). This week,we did a lot of reading. Then the children needed to tell the rest of the class how many family members they have and who they are in Mandarin.They try their best to practice this oral activity. We also went to the library and read Mandarin stories on World Book Day.