Year 3 Chinese Review

CFiL_Mr. Lim


This week in Mandarin we have been focused at the text《校车画廊》and 《三个儿子》. We done the discussion of the comprehension exercise for both text and children would need to complete their making sentences exercise using the learnt vocabulary in our current topic. Also, Please be reminded that children have spelling test of the vocabulary in 三个儿子》next Monday 20/3/2017.

Children could practise their vocabulary through the link below for enhancing their learning.



CSL_Ms. Choo

This week we are still continue learning last text花园 (The Garden). Students have learnt new vocabularies and sentence patterns, such as 年、明年、去年、年月、季、春夏秋冬、 好看、看一看. During the lessons, we were focusing on reading long sentences and character writing practice. Apart from that, we have finished spelling and worksheet task – 花园 (The Garden). On top of that, we had a story telling session, the book is ‘找月亮’.  



This week in Chinese the children have been learning a new topic 《你住在哪里?》(Where do you live?). Children read the text in pairs and then worked in groups to role play the questions and answers which has helped them to learn the new vocabulary.The children now have a better understanding of the  sounds and the meaning of the chinese characters from text.They then wrote the chinese characters in the correct stroke order.Additionally, we also did a fun vocabulary game which the children had to come out in pairs and listen to the vocabulary and then point out the correct answer as fast as they could.This helped them to have a better recognition of the vocabulary.