Home Learning for March 20-24

The children have done such a great job in their videos, that we thought we would continue that theme for another week. Public speaking is such an important skill to have and we can see that the children are becoming more and more confident each day.

Please encourage your child to speak in a loud and clear voice, to look at the audience (into the camera) and most importantly, to smile and to have fun.

Mar 20 – 24 – English HL

The Strawberry Jam worksheets were going quite well, but have now started to get a little bit difficult, so included this week is a fluency sheet on subtraction. Many of our children still need to use their fingers when subtracting, so hopefully with more practise, these subtraction facts to 18 will become automatic.

Mar 20 – 24 – Maths HL

Now that Swimming is finished, our New PE Days will be Tuesdays and Fridays for both 2H and 2M. Sorry for the change in date, but this will be our PE days for the rest of the year.