Year 1 Chinese Review

CL_Ms. Seow

This week in Mandarin we have read the text《我是小学生》, children started to use the vocabulary that we learned to write sentences. It may not easy for some of the children but everyone is doing the best they can.


CL_Ms. Choo

This week we are still continue learning last text 小学生 (Pupils). During the lessons, we were focusing on reading on long sentences and character writing practice. Students also learned how to match the word with , they have learnt new vocabularies, such as 学校、同学、小学、小学生、学生、学中文、上学. Apart from that, we also sang a song called ‘我的朋友在哪里’. On top of that, we had a storytelling session, the books is called ‘幼儿园的一天’.



This week in Chinese the children have continued learning《你是哪国人?》(What is your nationality?). We did a very fun flash card activity. The children need to dance when they hear the music, and they must freeze when the music stops. They then listen to the teacher to say annouce the country and look for the flash card.The objective is to see if the children can recognise the vocabulary. Apart from that, the children also tried to re-arrange “你是哪国人”in the correct order. They did it well.