Year 2 Chinese Review

CL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we were continued with the topic 《我会做的事》(The things I can do》. We also learnt to write new vocabulary such as “别  会  收拾  房间  还会  洗衣  洗澡  猫  喂  少” and for those who unable to complete in class would need to finish at home. Furthermore, we also do fill in the blank exercise using the learnt vocabulary in the topic. On the other hand, we also focus on the complex vowels “ei en eng ia ie iao iu” in the Pinyin.

Children are encouraged to practise their vocabulary through the following link:


MFL_Ms. Seow

This week in Mandarin children came into the classroom each day to use the phases that we learned last week to play stationery hide and seek. We started the game with children asked “(橡皮擦)在哪里?” then everyone searched high and low for certain stationery that teacher hidded, whoever found it will shout “(橡皮擦)在这里!”. We have also do some more writing practice this week.

Children are encouraged to read page 44 and page 46 from textbook to enhance their knowledge.



This week in Chinese the children have continued learning《你住在哪里?》(Where do you live?).During the lesson, we focused on reading and the children need to write the Chinese character on the board by listening to the English meaning said by the teacher. We also practiced writing 老师(teacher), 校长(principal), 公园(park), 号(number/date) and 路(road) in the correct stroke order. Additionally, the children are now able to sing a Mandarin song 《大门铃声响》(The Door Bells Ring) all by themselves. Well done!