Year 6 Chinese Review

CSL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we have started a new topic 《看病》(Seeing a Doctor). We learned to identify various sickness and have went through the vocabulary in the text and did some exercise on character writing as well as the Pinyin. Children need to hand in their characters writing homework by next Friday(28/4/2017).  Besides that, we will also have two spelling next week which are Tuesday (25/4/2017)[Vocabulary sheet 1-11] and Friday(28/4/2017)[Vocabulary sheet 12-22].Children could practise their vocabulary through the link below for enhancing their learning.




This week in Chinese we have continued the topic 《我喜欢吃水果》(I like fruits). Children learned to read and understand short passages about preferences of fruits, they were able to recognise and pronounce the Chinese characters in the short passages. In the peer assessment activity, they were actively involved in their own learning and assessment. On Friday, they were having a presentation to talk about the fruit they brought to class and their preferences of fruits.