Year 5 Chinese Review

Year 5 Chinese Review


CFiL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we have been continue with the text 《爷爷小时候》,《骑楼下》and《如果没有他们-家香不起来》. We have went to the library to borrow Chinese story book and we have talked about a Chinese folktale 《天地之主诞生》. We also  have completed our spelling and tried our best to applied all the learnt vocabulary into sentences through our classroom activities. Children would need to complete their fill in the blank exercise during the long weekend which need to hand in next Tuesday.

Children could practise their vocabulary through the link below for enhancing their learning.



CSL_Ms. Choo

This week we still continue learning last text去书店 (Going to the bookstore). We have learnt new vocabularies, such as 接着、极、扔下、万、满头大汗、边…边…. During the lessons, students also learnt how to modify problematic sentences. Apart from that, we have finished some worksheet task – 去书店 (Going to the bookstore) and also wrote an essay ‘One of my favorite books’.



This week in Chinese we have continued the topic《多少钱?》(How much?). Children learned to construct short passages about Go Shopping, they were able to create sentences using the sentence pattern correctly. During the class activities, children learned to negotiate for certain price when purchasing items, they also learned to practice lesson vocabulary and sentence structures through collaborative activities.



This week in Mandarin we have just started Lesson 10《书包里有什么?》(What is in my bag?). We have learned a range of vocabulary and is able to describe it accordingly.
I kept remind children that it is not enough to just know the vocabulary, and we will need to be able to make it a sentences or paragraph. Children are encouraged to read page 67 and page 70 from textbook.