Year 6 Chinese Review

CFiL_Ms. Goh

This week in Mandarin lesson we have learned another 20 idioms. Students worked in group and find out the meaning of the idioms and discussed with teachers. Besides, they completed the worksheet with fill in the blanks and making sentences.

Students need to revise all the idioms for next Tuesday spelling test.


CSL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we have continued with the topic 《看病》(Seeing a Doctor). We have completed our spelling text and tried our best to form sentences with our learnt vocabulary using grammar phrases “应该”, “要”,“多” and “少”.Children could practise their vocabulary through the link below for enhancing their learning.




This week in Chinese we have started the new topic《我会说华语》(I Can Speak Chinese). Children learned to review names of countries and learn of languages spoken in different countries. They also learned to differentiate between which characters to use for written and spoken languages. For example, they were able to differentiate that 华语 is spoken, 华文 is written. In the oral activities, children participated actively and enthusiastically in role play activities and were able to speak clearly with the correct pronunciation.