Year 1 Chinese Review

CL_Ms. Seow

This week in Mandarin we read a text from textbook and combine words to form phrases. Besides that we also worked on worksheet, some children find rearrange phrases to form sentences is hard because they get used to thinking in English, therefore unable to get the answer correctly at first. On making sentences, most children able to use learned vocabulary to make sentence.


CL_Ms. Choo

This week we still continue learning last text我去学校 (I am going to school). During the lessons, we were focusing on reading on long sentences and character writing practice. We have learned to use 什么、为什么 and 要、不要to ask and answer questions. Apart from that, we have finished worksheet task – 我去学校 (I am going to school). We also sang a new song called ‘上学歌’.



This week in Chinese the children have been learning a new topic 《买东西》(Buy Things). We have learnt new vocabulary about the name of the food. Such as 蛋糕(cake), 面包(bread), 牛奶(milk), 巧克力(chocolate), 水果(fruits), 冰淇淋(ice cream), 果汁(juice). During peer activity, the children had a chance share in class what they like or what they want to eat. They did well in this activity.