Year 2 Chinese Review

CL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we continued with the topic 《月亮会不会跟人走》(Does the Moon Follow Us》. We have been focused on forming sentences using “会不会”,“要不要”,“有没有” and “也”。 Children have trying very hard to form sentences during their speaking practice and writing exercise.

Children are encouraged to practise their vocabulary through the following link:



MFL_Ms. Seow

This week in Mandarin we have been continue Lesson 8《今天是几月几日?》(What date is it today?). We read a text from textbook and answering the question. Besides that we also do some writing practice and write a few sentences. Children shown that they understand this topic well by their nicely done worksheet.

Children are encouraged to practise their vocabulary and sentence structure through the following link:



This week in Chinese the children continued learning the topic《今天是几月几日?》(What date is it today?). The children were excited to put up the date on “我们的日历”(Our Calendar) every day before starting the lesson. They waited for their turns patiently and were actively involved in the activity. Other than that, they tried really hard on learning to ask and tell their friends about the date and their birth dates in Mandarin. Additionally, most of them are able to write in correct strokes order during the writing activity. Well done!