Year 5 Chinese Review

Year 5 Chinese Review

CFiL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we have been continue with the text 《爷爷小时候》,《骑楼下》and《如果没有他们-家香不起来》.  We have focos in making sentences this week and children would need to complete their homework during the weekend.

Children could practise their vocabulary through the link below for enhancing their learning.



CSL_Ms. Choo

This week in Chinese class, children have been reading the text 在医院里 (In the Hospital). We have learnt new vocabularies, such as 虚惊一场、敲难过、着急、推开、扑、怀骗、度数、傻、摄氏度、华氏度. During the lessons, we have been reading the new text 猜一猜 (Make a Guest). Students were able to read texts without Hanyu Pinyin. We have learned new vocabularies, such as 猜、传、粉、采、蜜、劳动. Apart from that, we have finished worksheet task – 在医院里 (In the Hospital) and also wrote an essay about ‘How to build a healthy body’.



This week in Chinese we have started the new topic 《今天天气很好》(The Weather Is Nice Today). Children learned to become familiar with vocabulary for telling time. Children were able to understand the different kinds of weather and were able to express them. They also learned to practice the new vocabulary in the collaboration dialogue creation activity. Children could practise their vocabulary and enhance their learning through the link below:



This week in Mandarin we have been working really hard on our worksheet. Some children still struggle with how to use ‘noun + preposition’ correctly to describe the picture we have, therefore we will need to do more practice on this. A few of the children get this idea well and is able to go the extra mile by being really creative when work on their picture description.

Children are encouraged to practise their vocabulary and sentences through the following link: