Year 1 Chinese Review

CL_Ms. Seow

This week in Mandarin we worked really hard on our worksheet. The task we got this time is a little different from the previous, we have to read a rather long comprehension independently and a few of the questions are a little tricky, but we got through it!

As usual, we have some of the sentences written by the children shown on the board, children knew that we can learn Mandarin from each others. I have to say some of the children really put their knowledge to good use and always come up with well structured sentences along with their best handwriting.

We read《我最喜欢爸爸》on Friday, children are amazed at how strong is the Gorilla.


CL_Ms. Choo

This week we still continue learning the last text我的家 (My Family). We have finished our words writing and worksheet task – 我的家 (My Family). During the lessons, students have continued to practice writing their name. We have also enjoyed a video clip called ‘聪明的乌龟’. On top of that, we had a storytelling session, the books are called ‘我最喜欢妈妈’‘我最喜欢爸爸’ and ‘这是我妈妈哦’.



This week in Chinese the children has been continued learning the topic 《在学校》(At The School). We talk about what do you like to do in school. The children shared what they enjoined doing at school. We also focused on reading and writing. They are trying really hard to write in correct strokes order. Apart from that, we did a flash cards activity that need the children search for the correct vocabulary. The teacher also told the children a story about《好饿的小蛇》, the children enjoyed the story.