Year 2 Chinese Review

CL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we have been continued with the topic 《为什么》(Why). We have completed our sentences spelling this week and have practice our speaking with the interrogative word “哪里”. We also did some written work using the same sentences structure.

Children are encouraged to practise their vocabulary through the following link:



MFL_Ms. Seow

This week in Mandarin we have just started Lesson 10《书包里有什么?》(What is in my bag?). We have learned a range of vocabulary and are now able to describe what is in our bag and what is on the table. Children shown their good understanding by a game that we play to practicing our knowledge on noun + preposition.

Children are encouraged to practise their vocabulary and sentences through the following link:



This week in Chinese the children has been continued learning the topic《今天是星期几?》(What day is it today?). The children were excited on putting up the date and the day on “我们的日历” (Our Calendar) every day before we start our lesson. They are now able to tell the date and day in Mandarin correctly. Moreover, we practice writing the new vocabulary from the text and they tried their best to write in correct strokes order. We also did a peer activity that need the children separate into groups and answer questions to get points. They had fun in the activity.