Year 5 Chinese Review

CFiL_Mr. Lim

This week in Mandarin we have been completed our essay 《露营记》. Children have try their very best to recall their memory of their Year 5 camp and composed into paragraph.


CSL_Ms. Choo

This week we still continue learning the text猜一猜 (Make a guest). We have learnt new vocabularies, such as 山腰梢、圆盘、弯刀、落、挂. During the lessons, we were focusing on reading texts without Hanyu Pinyin and speaking practice. Apart from that, we have finished worksheet task – 猜一猜 (Make a guest) and also wrote an essay about ‘Riddles’. Students have to read the riddle and let their classmate to guest.



This week in Chinese we have started our new chapter in Topic 23 《什么动物鼻子长?》(Which Animal Has A Long Nose? ). We reviewed vocabulary to describe facial features and learned new vocabulary to describe other body features. During the lessons, students worked well together in answering questions with the correct sentence structure and vocabulary.



This week in Mandarin we continue Lesson 11《我喜欢吃水果》. We learned to use adverbs + adjectives to make sentences in order to tell how much we like/ dislike a certain things. Children are very excited when they found out they able to recognize all the fruits that we learned in characters. Children also work in pair to do their worksheet.

Children are encouraged to read page 76 and page 79 from textbook to enhance their knowledge.