Year 3 Chinese Review

CFiL_Mr. Lim


This week in Mandarin we have continued to write our essay 《上菜市记》(A day in the wet market) and have completed until fourth paragraph. Children would need to complete their last paragraph at home as their home learning.






CSL_Ms. Choo

This week we still continue learning last text放学了 (Class is Over). Students have learnt new vocabularies and sentence patterns, such as 礼貌、用、记、请、谢谢、对不起、没、做、孩子. During the lessons, we were focusing on reading long sentences and character writing practice. We have finished our spelling – 教室里 (In the Classroom). Apart from that, we have also enjoyed a video clip called ‘哆啦A梦’.






This week in Chinese the children had continued learning the topic《书包里有什么?》((What is in the bag?). For oral activity, the children stood up to say the vocabulary in Mandarin that the teacher gave in English, and when they are correct they were able to sit back down. The children were also  given two worksheets that they need to try to complete by themselves. Although some of them need some guidance on the worksheet, but they tried really hard to complete it. The children are also encouraged to practice their characters writing at home as we are going to have spelling next Friday(16/6/17).